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Welcome to the Hardwood Games tourney admin page.
Only authorized users are allowed to use these tools, if you aren't one of them turn back now

ALL the leagues need to have this link back to the site: You can also get the source code for the table on this page:

Login-  use your HW login name that's blue in your room
Login to first. Then return to this page and click List Tourneys

Note about posting to the tourney board:  I've noticed a lot of descriptions that are running into the "signup" button.  TD and Admins, make sure you all keep an eye on that, it looks horrible.   One thing you can do to help is to not use ALL CAPS... caps take up a lot of room and frankly caps don't make is easier to read, it makes it harder.

You may have more than one tourney per 1/2 hour, but you may not post more than one per hr to the board.  IF you abuse this privilege, you may be banned from the site for a time and the league will also be sanctioned.   Abuse would be for example posting tourneys you have no intention on keeping, or that a reasonable person would think was excessive and flooding the board.

Tournament posting Rules:


League Sites Rules:

  • All imagery on your site ( your tourney pages too) needs to be suitable for a general audience. 
  • No adult only pictures. 
  • No genitals or lewd depictions.
  • No pubic hair shall be visible in any way which includes areas what would normally have pubic hair. (transparent or wet T-shirts do not count as coverage)


    General Server Rules

    You as a player have two tools to help you with issues that might arise on the server:

    1.You can opt to block your viewing of a player's chat by using the "mute" option.  To access the MUTE right click on a player and choose mute

    2.You can vote to remove a player from a game if a player is not abiding by the rules below.  Again, right click on a player and choose "vote to kick" .   However please use kick as a last resort as that player will be penalized for abandoning a game.

    Lobby guides will also try to help... if you get muted by a guide... don't take is personally, they are trying to give you a chance to cool off.  Mutes are only temporary, so just wait it out and be polite.

    Rules:  To keep the Hardwood servers a fun place for everyone, we ask that you follow these basic rules:

    Please note:

    Silver Creek Entertainment reserves the right to change its policies at any time.