You play games to have fun. To have fun you have to relax. And to relax, among other things, you have to know that you"re not giving out more of you than you intend to give! The viability of an on line gaming community is intimately related to the confidence its participants have that its participants have about their private information. We at Silver Creek Entertainment accordingly take this question VERY seriously. Here is a description of our policy as of this date. Changes are possible in the future, but we will try to keep you apprised of any large changes. Please check back frequently.

This policy covers websites owned and controlled by Silver Creek Entertainment. Please note that it does not necessarily control what "other people" may say or do. By "other people" we include such as our "guides" (independent individuals not employed or controlled by us who perform certain functions in the context of social gaming and social interactions through our sites) and we include in "other people" such third parties as those who provide a medium for our games (such as Microsoft through its "X-Box"). By "other people" we also mean certain enterprises that gather and process information that Silver Creek uses internally for such things as processing orders and gathering statistics on our users. We suggest that you review the Privacy Policy of such "other people" which may have terms different from ours.

1. What Information we or other people might gather, and Why.
a. Order and Customer Service Information. This includes the stuff that one volunteers because you expect it as necessary or usual for transacting business with us, such as your name, your age, your email address, your snail-mail address, your telephone number, your credit card information and so forth. It may also from time to time include information that might not be literally required to buy a game but which may be helpful, such as your opinions about something, or demographic information, or the details of your computer configuration that helps us understand our market better, address your questions or concerns, customize your experience, improve our service, address problems as they arise, generally facilitate communication between us, and so forth. Sometimes we will seek information about users or potential users other than yourself, such as when you seek to provide one of our products to such other person as a gift.
b. Automatic gathering. Some information we get automatically. For instance, there is a "conversation" between our system and your computer in which data goes back and forth for such quality assurance/improvement purposes as updates or bug-fixes. We might also send announcements about new products which may be in part based on what we think we understand about you based upon this information. We make use of "cookies" which as you may know are alphanumeric markers used for short term memory purposes like tracking mid-order or site navigation; third parties may also use them to help make the possible relevance of other offers more likely. Such information is generally not personally identifiable. As you may know, you have options on the tool bar of your browser for disabling cookies, but we cannot guarantee that you will have full functionality with Silver Creek sites if cookies are disabled

2. Security.
We do not sell your information! Nobody is hacker-proof. However, we use the highest encryption methods as are technically and commercially reasonable for us to use. A common source of broken security is the failure by a customer to maintain adequate control of passwords. Obviously, we cannot be responsible for that, and we will do our best to not honor orders, points, etc. that involve loss or misuse of passwords. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has useful information at

3. Using your information.
We use the information generally to know who you are and what your wants and needs might be; specifically we use the information for billing, communicating with you, customer service, card authorizations, quality-control, gathering statistics, offering upgrades, improvements or fixes, tracking to meet royalty obligations, and sometimes to provide you with targeted news or information.

4. Who sees it?
We don"t sell it! We do, however, share some information with those who need it as our employees, agents, or certain third parties with whom we may contract to perform ordinary business functions such as processing credit cards, doing market research, delivering packages to you, etc. It is not currently a practice of ours to either market other products from third parties through our site nor send your information to third parties, except as outlined above; in the event that we do so in the future we will give you an opportunity to "opt out." We may from time to time offer a product or service jointly with a third party, in which event our use of your information will be governed by this Privacy Policy, and the third party"s use of your information otherwise in their possession will be governed by their privacy policy. In the event of a business combination or sale of assets, where your information is an "asset" concerned, we will not disclose without your consent unless otherwise required by law. We do of course reserve the right to disclose generally where such appear required by process of law.

In both your interest and ours, we seek to meet or exceed the requirements of law (e.g. US law, EU law, and the treaties that comprise the "Safe Harbor" coordination of those legal schemes.) We aspire to perfection in that regard. Any questions about privacy may be directed to us by ordinary means and we will do our best to respond.