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Backgammon Build 543 Windows  11/21/22

Windows B543 of backgamon can be downloaded here:

Hardwood Backgammon b543 

  • * Changed out the game engine, this is the 1st build useing The Godot engine for Backgammon.
  • * Shadows now move accross the surface of objects
  • * theres defintely gonna be some little bugs you'll find, please use the bug report tool in the menu to let us know what you discover.

Feedback:  make sure to report issues useing the bug report button in the game or by submitting a bug report via our ticket system if you can't get into the game at all. Bug report in the subject.


macOS Canidate Build 542 11/2/22


Hardwood Spades for macOS

Hardwood Hearts for macOS

Hardwood Euchre for macOS

Hardwood Solitaire IV for macOS

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Feedback and Bug Reports

To send us feedback, the best way to send feedback is with the "Submit bug report" title bar in the game.