What It Means to Beta Test

Beta Tester Appreciation

    1 Oct

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to be on the other side of the software testing process? Our programmers need your help testing an update they've been working hard on. With this beta update, we want to get the latest and greatest version of our games into your hands. Help us find bugs and test out new features.


    The beta testing period is fraught with blood, sweat and tears; it is the puberty of a digital game.  A necessary growth spurt that can sometimes be painful or beautiful depending on the day.  While the programmers stew over code and designs (losing sleep and sometimes hair over the next days’ issues to tackle) the beta testers are diligently playing and adding to the work pile. 


    You might wonder why anyone would want to spend time playing an incomplete game?  You’ll be one of the first people to see new changes.  It’s a way to get closer to the game and developers that you enjoy.  Beta testing is never a required update as they are usually mostly ready but have some wrinkles to iron out.  


    Alpha testing is when a product is just beginning, nothing works, and it is not even close to being ready for public use.  We are most appreciative of those eager to help our products in the beta phase continue to evolve with great updates and get them “player ready” as soon as possible.  


    When the steam of hardwork clears we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing the game is working correctly.  The symbiosis between programmers and players that results in the frabjous day of a  game update, ready for release, is a vital piece of the modern gaming industry.  


    Beta testing is not for everyone. The game will be in a constant state of flux, with frequent updates that may or may not survive the test of time. Anybody who is detail oriented; who can find a problem, reproduce it and then clearly communicate how to replicate the issue in the dev process, is beta tester ready. Might be worth trying out beta games to see if they're your thing!