Spades Tip: Trump Promotion

    9 Mar

    Pick up an extra trick and maybe turn a MEH hand into a YEAH hand with this tip.

    The tactic is called Trump Promotion, I'm pretty sure it borrows from a similar technique in Bridge of the same name.

    Trump promotion can come in handy if you have the lower honor cards (Q, J maybe even a 10),    the goal is to try to force out the K or A, buy leading with a High honor card, and see if the K and or A get played and out of your way. 
    If, so now your other spades trump cards move into the lead.

    There are certain times it is better to execute, where the player to the east is void in Spades.

    For a deep dive on Trump promotion, check out DiscreteMelody's Reddit post:  
    Advanced Spades Tactic: Trump Promotion