Hardwood games RC B527

    10 Mar

    Changes since B525
    * Fixed issue with 4th player showing up on 3 player cutthroat games

    *Cards are now played on button up of a mouse click,not down, which should reduce accidental plays
    * Misc crashes and fixes.

    Changes since B520
      * Fixed the appearance of being able to see other players cards. Some folks saw cards face up in other players hands. Don't worry they     weren't thier actual cards, but we fix itm cuz well thats wierd.
      *Clearned up the controls for options like vlume and what not.  Now you can see a which cirection is up or down and now they are crispyier!
      *Fixed some wonky Trinkets that weren't clearing at the end of a game.  Now they know thier place, in the post game abyss! (no trinkets we're harmed)
      *Font outlines look better
      *Fixed swirl backgorund issues
    and a BUNCH of stuff, thatyou probably don't care about, but our coders and designers care about, Trust me, you'll sleep better at night.  We gotcha!

    And the stuff from build 520....

    Changes from build 400 games:
      * The big change is the new Godot game engine, setting us up for future features!
      * Totally redid the animations for shooting the Moon, Sun and Blind Nil in full 3D, you gotta check it out! They are super cool!
      * Various Animation changes, including more smooth card movements
      * Trick games now have card shadows!
      * Rebuilt the In game menu on the top of the screen, with a more fun animation.
      * Improved various effects like the Hearts tokens in Hearts are more fun. 

    Go check it out!