Android Update B529

    5 Apr

    A new round of updates  are rolling out on Android and you should be getting them soon.

    What's new in the Android update:

    1. Fixed Chat Tabs. 

    Text was getting truncated and now it should look right.

    2. Fix chatting on Chromebooks and using a physical keyboard

    Some of you are playing the android version of our games on Chromebooks.  Cool! We tend to think of android as phones and tablets, but nowadays with chromebooks it's pretty much a laptop.  So we've made it work much better.  This fix also applies to folks that might hook up an external keyboard to their phone or tablet.   This includes fixing press ESC  so that it is the same as press BACK making navigation a bit smoother.

    3.Fix crash tapping on Timer. 

    Yep if the timer popped up and you clicked on it, it would cause your game to crash, that's fixed.

    4. Support playing with a physical mouse.   

    Previously hooking a mouse to an android device, you could move the pointer around, but clicking wasn't working.  That's not fixed. so mouse away!

    5. Solitaire score showing up in About Screen fixed 

    If you access the "about '' screen while in a game, the score was still on the screen from the game and behind the Build number making it hard to read.  that's now gone.

    If you run into any bugs be sure to go to the menu and click on the bug icon to send in a bug report.