Android: Hardwood Games B537

    17 Jun

    A new round of updates  are rolling out on Android and you should be getting them soon on the beta channel of Google play.

    What's new in the Android update:


    1. New game stats on the ticker

    We've added various game states you can see on the ticker, like wins, and rating etc.


    2. Improved Chat Tabs 

    we've declutterd the tabs a bit, so they can better fit on smaller screens when the text imput is up.     


    3. Fixed black screens on Chromebooks. 

    Some players we're not seeing avatars and we're getting a black screen for a background.  that should now be fixed.


    4.Various text imput fixes

    There we're some misclatiaus wierdness happening with imputting text, that should be imporved now.


    5.Chat window can now be positioned where ever you need it

    You can put the chat window under the menu icon or even off screen, pretty much where ever the window works best for you.


    If you run into any bugs be sure to go to the menu and click on the bug icon to send in a bug report.