ios update 538

    11 Aug

Release notes:

New Feature:  Dynamic shift for environments.
When your screen size doesn't match the aspect ratio of an environment, what we generally do is scale it to fit, and clip off the extra bits, so we don't distort the image.   Now we will randomly shift what part of that image you see if it gets clipped, so each time it will be a little different on that position so you can see more of your environment over multiple sessions.

New Feature for Spades: Select cards to bid
You can now select cards in your hand while bidding, to increment your bid.   So just tap on the cards you think you will take tricks with, then click the bid button.

New Feature Spades
You can now change the sort order for the cards in your hand.  from High to low, or Low to high.

Updated the graphics for the chat tabs

Improved support for running the IOS app on a Arm mac (m1, m2).

Fixed: Sidebar button was hidden behind avatar in 3 player games.

Fixed: drawing error on iPhone 13

Fixed: Last trick cards were missing

and a deckload of other fixes and tweaks