Hardwood Games New update: Build 541

    24 Oct

Build B541 is out for Windows and Android

Release notes:

New Feature:  Now you can see someone's rating status by just tapping on their name. before you had to go to their profile, but now you can just see it next to their name in the context menu which is faster.

New Feature for Spades:   Select your bid by clicking the cards in your hand you think you can win a trick with.  You can also still just tap on the number on the bid screen.   this can come in handy if you have a complex hand and want to think it out.

New Feature for Spades:   You can now change the sort of the cards in your hand from High to low, or Low to high.  The setting is in options-> Game.

Lots of little bug fixes So if you had some annoying issue in the last build, it may have been sorted out :)