Build 551

    10 Apr

    What's new:
    The main focus of this update was to get AppleTV upto date with our new game engine.

    For Apple TV all apps: Experience an enhanced gaming adventure with the new Godot game engine integration! Enjoy seamless navigation with refined Remote and Game Controller controls. Plus, customize your display with our new Display Margin feature for optimal screen fit on any TV.

    For Apple TV Solitaire: Elevate your classic Solitaire experience with the cutting-edge Godot game engine! Navigate smoothly with streamlined Remote and Game Controller controls. Adjust your screen effortlessly with the new Display Margin option. And don't miss the stunning new particle effects that add a magical touch to your game!

    For Apple TV Spades/Hearts: Immerse yourself in Spades and Hearts with the powerful Godot game engine, delivering a captivating gaming experience. Effortlessly control the game with optimized Remote and Game Controller inputs. Get the perfect view with our new Display Margin feature, and enjoy dazzling particle effects! Plus, be wowed by the dynamic 3D animations for Shoot the Sun and Shoot the Moon!

    For Apple TV Backgammon: Rediscover Backgammon with the innovative Godot game engine, offering a visually stunning gaming experience. Master the game with improved Remote and Game Controller controls. Tailor your screen with the versatile Display Margin option and mesmerizing particle effects. Plus, personalize your avatar placement with options for both bottom and side locations.