New Feature invite Codes

    28 Nov

    New Feature Alert: Game Invite Code

    Introducing a Simple Way to Bring Friends into the Game

    We've added a new feature to our game - a straightforward invite code system. It’s a small but helpful tool to enhance your gaming sessions with friends.

    What’s New?

    The feature allows you to invite others to join your game with a quick command. When you host a game, you’ll see an invite code in the chat and the sidebar (coming soon).  Share it, and your friends can join in as spectators and then take a seat at the table.

    Why We Like It

    This update is about convenience. It saves you a couple of steps and a bit of time. It's just an easier way to get everyone together for a game, without the need for lengthy instructions.

    Here’s How It Works

    When you're hosting a game, the system generates a unique code. Tell your friends to type /go [code] in the chat. They'll be brought to your game as observers, ready to jump in and play.

    Looking Ahead

    This invite code is just the beginning. We're working on more seamless ways to connect you with your friends in the game - think one-click invites and more. But, for now, we hope this small update makes your gaming a little smoother.

    Remember to replace “[code]” with the actual invite code for your game when you use it. Keep the post handy in your communications for an easy explanation of the new feature.