Hardwood Games - FAQ

How to buy stuff

This is an overview of how to buy items for Hardwood Games

Note: If you have one of our older games that use unlock keys, you'll need to upgrade to our newer games to use tokens, items and memberships.

How do I buy this game?

Well you don't. You can however buy the stuff for our games. You can get the stuff you want and leave the stuff you don't want. Think of it like buffet style purchasing. (wouldn't it be nice if cable was that way)

So how do you buy stuff for the game?

Usually wherever you're looking at a place in the game where there is more of that item to buy, we have button you can click to get more. That will take you to our hardwood games web page store for more items of that type. For example, card decks, avatars, or more solitaire games.

You can also access the store from the menu by clicking the "store"

Each item is purchased with Hardwood Games Tokens. You just click the buy button with the item of interest, and if you have tokens in your account, tada, you have that item!

You can flip back (by closing or minimizing your web browser) to your game of Solitaire and the item will be waiting for you to use.

Where do I get tokens from?

At the top of the store site, there is a link to "add tokens". There you can purchase packs of tokens to use in the store.

That pretty much covers it.