Build 511 Beta Spades, Hearts, Euchre and Solitaire

New beta updates for Hardwood Games

    14 Sep

    Find the latest beta build on the Beta Download Page

    New in this update for Windows:

    * Fixed oversized Up Card
    * Improved fonts with outlines from b510
    * Reduced the size of the particles so they are less intense when playing trump cards
    * Fixed issue where some players couldn't continue after the hand summary screen.
    * Improved the game over screen legiblity
    * Right clicking on sound icon brings up the sound settings agiain
    * Fixed tutiorial text reffering the wrong character
    * Game now remembers if it was being played in full screen.
    * Fixed errror about the wrong GOB on installing.
    * Fixed issue where Spades music didn't start automatically
    * Fixed missing player names from the chat list
    * Fixed issue where the blue side panel was not in the right position.