Build 513 Spades, Euchre, Hearts and Solitaire

    1 Oct

    Find the latest beta build on the Beta Download Page

    New in B513:

    * Fixed issue where there was a missing card on the last hand  or wouldn't

    New in B512:

    * Fixed the Black card issue some folks we're having.  If you notice a black card, make sure to submit a report while the card is visable

    * Made some readablity adjustments to the game over screen

    * Fixed issue where player reported a double Pause button

    * Fixed issue with restarting full screen

    * UI Adjustments for Euchre Trump Box

    * misc Fixes.

    The other issue that is still likely to happen is getting stuck on the
    Score Summary screen in Spades. If this happens to you be sure to click
    Submit Bug Report right away. If this does happen to you here is a few
    things to try.
    1. Wait at least a minute then try clicking again
    2. If it's still stuck press the Enter key

    If the continue button initially didn't work, but one of those 2 things
    did, then click Submit Bug Report to let us know it was stuck, and what
    fixed it.