b519 beta Hardwood Games

    16 Nov

    Find the latest beta build on the Beta Download Page

    In build B519:
    * Fixed Blip foom for real this time.
    * Fixed an issue wiht b18 that cause some elements to go under the title bar.
    * Adjusted the lighting a bit, some cards we're getting overexposed.

    In build B518:
    * Improved performace and drawing glitches with the Shoot the moon/sun etc.
    * Fixed  Joy/nojoy so its more 
    * Fixed drawing issue with game logo intro
    * Fixed issue with the Queen of Spades
    * Fixed Blip Foom fixed.
    * New feature: Flash taskbar Icon when it's player's turn/player joins in Trick games

    In recent builds B516,  B517:

    * Added New Animations for Shooting the Moon, Sun and Blind Nil.
    * High resoultion card decks are now working on 4K monitors.
    * Now Hand of cards will animate when adjusting to fill a gap in the cards when played.
    * We also are trying to track down an issue where sometimes folks see a black card, be sure to report when you see it.
    * Fixed drawing issue on game over/round summary screen.
    * Performance Improvments
    * Improved card animations
    * Fixed various glitches.